In Our Lord God lies our Strength, for who but He can know our weaknesses. In His Omnipotence and Great Wisdom, He has called unto Him our brothers and sisters, that they may finally know peace.

To their earthly-bound family and friends, we share your sadness and despair. We promise you our prayers, strength, love and help in whatever manner it may be needed; Yet we rejoice in their coming unto the Lord, Our Father, Who has Final Jurisdiction over us all.

We pay Honor and Homage to those who have gone before us, in the full knowledge and belief that theirs is now a better existence, and that we shall someday meet in that Sweet By and By. (Asterisk ** indicates Line-of-Duty Death)

Eric Daniels
January 2024

Darryl Crawford
November 2023

Gerald Saunders
November 2023

Thelma Ringgold
October 2023

Lynneice Smith
July 2023 - **

Kevin Whetstone
July 2023

Ida Keyes
May 2023

Harold Poles
April 2023

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Today In History

    February Is Black History Month
  • In 1870- Hirman R. Revels of Mississippi sworn in as first Black U.S. senator and first Black representative in Congress.

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  • Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision.

    Stevie Wonder

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